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Approximately 46% of individuals with reading problems, ADD/HD, dyslexia, or various learning disabilities may suffer from Irlen Syndrome. In many cases these people are often perceived as being underachievers, with behavioural, attitude, or motivational problems. They may, in turn, be regarded as being ‘bright’ but seen as ‘not trying hard enough.’

The Irlen Method does not replace the need for instruction or remediation but removes a barrier to learning.

An  initial assessment  will determine the correct overlay for each individual. The subsequent assessment will assess the correct filter.


Anyone over the age of  7 can be tested, and occasionally younger students have been screened too.

There are 2 assessments. The first, the Screening Assessment, will tell if you have Irlen Syndrome and if so, exactly which of the many possible symptoms you have. The test includes finding out if you have problems seeing print. It checks your sensitivity to light, and whether you experience environmental distortions. We try out different plastic overlays on the page to see if this makes a difference. If you have symptoms and the overlays help, you return for the second assessment.

During the Tinting Assessment  you look through different filters (lenses) until  the correct colour combination is found to remove these symptoms. The filter colour that will be most helpful is often quite different from the most helpful overlay colour. The correct filter does not change the color of the page  - it is still white, but a comfortable white.

For a screener near to you, contact Irlen Channel Islands on  07797 922561 or email jean.felton@icloud.com

During the initial testing session, an individual is screened to determine whether they will benefit from wearing Irlen Spectral Filters, the specific areas of improvement, and the amount of improvement for reading and other academic activities. Spectral filters  can be worn as Irlen glasses or contact lenses.

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